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Global Work Boats is the solution for all your commercial needs in the marine industry for work boats, from small transfer vessels to large specialised ships. Using our truly global network of international brokers, it will cost no more to find the work boat which fits your ideal specification at Global Work Boats, whether it's a used or new vessel. Use the menu at left to browse our continually updated selection of vessels for sale.

With years of experience in new builds and commercial boat brokering, we have many international clients who use our services for all their needs, whether buying or selling a barge, fishing vessel, port operations craft, oil and gas tender, passenger boat or any other category of commercial marine vessel.

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, we are central to the Asian markets. We have also extensive networks and clients in the Americas, European and Arabian markets.

We also can assist in shipping, insurance and delivery.

We have the proven ability to refit existing vessels, or refit newly purchased vessels at one of our many approved yards around the world.

We also offer a consultation service for new builds and project development in the commercial marine industry.

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4200hp AHT /Towing Tug 2005 40m UAE
29.5mtr Bunkering Tanker 2020 29.5m China
1556DWT Chemical Tanker IMO II 2019 69.2m China
35mtr Longliner 1992 1992 35m Australia
Pipe Laying Vessel 2019 172.5m China
78mtr AHT/Supply/ORV 2020 78m China
38mtr Fisheries Research Vessel 1981 38.51m Japan
1500t Revolving Crane Barge 2011 102.3m China
3800t Revolving Crane Barge 2011 148.8m China
16mtr 1200hp Damen Stan Tug 2011 16.56m Australia
1440hp 28mtr Workboat 2012 28m Australia
14mtr 2011 built Tug 2011 14m $850,000Australia
49mtr LCT Unrestricted Navigation 2013 49.45m $5,000,000Australia
48mtr 2010 build LCT 2010 48.47m $3,500,000Australia
28mtr 1500hp Workboat 2012 28m Australia
48mtr LCT 2009 48.47m $3,500,000Australia
9.5mtr Morring/ Lines / Work Boat 2019 9.5m Singapore
4800hp ZP Tug (Ice Class B) 2012 36.6m China
1556DWT Chemical Tanker 2019 69.2m China
29mtr 2400hp tugs 2020 29.1m China
26mtr Patrol Boat 1997 26.15m Japan
33mtr Fire Fighting / Rescue Vessel 1990 33.3m USA
35mtr Australian Longliner 1982 35m Australia
145mtr MPP DP3 Dive Support Vessel 2019 145.9m China
26 mtr 40 knot Patrol Vessel New Build   26m Australia
10 mtr HDPE Patrol Boats 2020 10m Australia
16mtr Fast landing Craft HDPE 2020 16.5m Australia
20mtr HDPE Patrol Boat 2020 20m Australia
38mtr 650p Ferry 2004 38m Japan
Lifeboats new 150p with davits (4) 2020 11.8m China
58mtr 5150hp AHTS 2010 58.7m Indonesia
9mtr Lines Handling/ Service Vessel 2012 9m Australia
10mtr Steel Workboat 2000 10m Australia
12mtr Emergency Response / Oil recovery Vessel 2003 11.9m Australia
Pipe Laying / Heavy Lift Vessel DP2 2016 105m China
26mtr Patrol Boat 1994 26m $300,000Japan
70mtr 5940hp AHTS DPS2 2011 70m Saudi Arabia
70mtr PSV, DPS2 2010 70.5m Indonesia
59mtr AHTS 2009 59.25m Indonesia
20.8mtr 12 pax Crew Boat 2004 20.83m Indonesia
70mtr PSV, DPS2 2009 70m Indonesia
16mtr 25knot Patrol Boat new build 2012 16m $380,000China
26mtr Multicat Work Boat 2009 26m Australia
25.2mtr Utility / Support / Patrol Vessel   25.2m $500,000Australia
Various MPV's, Heavy Lift Vessels 2014 166m China
13,000t Floating Dock 1977 208.5m China
35,000t Floating Dock 2010 285m China
26mtr Purse Seiner 2002 26m Portugal
180ft Ballastable Deck Barges 2013 120' $1,250,000Singapore
3600hp Tug 2014 (never used) 2014 36.1m $1,400,000China
2400hp Unrestricted Navigation Tug 2018 build 2018 29.1m $1,950,000China
6800hp 59mtr AHTS new build available 2018 59.2m $4,350,000China
80mtr PSV Diesel /Electric DP2 2019 80m China
97mtr RSV's 2019 build 2019 97.24m China
15.5mtr Crew Boat 2019 15.5m China
18ft Diesel IB Workboat 2015 18' Singapore
6.5mtr Work response Vessel   6.5m $195,000Australia
18ft Electric Rubbish management vessel 2015 18' SGD 140,000Singapore
18ft Workboat OB   18' Singapore
20ft Rescue Boat (Unsinkable)   20' Singapore
26ft Work Boat / Dive Support   26' Singapore
Panamax Bulk Carriers 2012 225m China
45mtr Support Vessel 2006 45m Indonesia
28mtr Workboat 2012 28m Australia
Pipe Laying / Heavy Lift Vessel 2016 105m China
73mtr DP II AHTS 8000hp 2020 73m China
83mtr Diesel-Electric Ulstein PSV 2020 83.4m China
30mtr Patrol Boat Long Range new builds   31.21m Australia
2 x 65t BP Harbour Tugs 2009 38m Saudi Arabia
12.6mtr Pilot Boat 2017 12.6m Singapore
4000hp Tug 2008 43m $950,000China
330p Accommodation Barge 2009 100m Congo
70mtr AHTS 9000hp 2019 build 2019 70m China
10.6mtr 42 knot Kirby Sea Rescue Vessel 2014 10.66m Australia
73mtr AHTS DPII, 8000hp 3 VESSELS AVAILABLE 2019 73m China
210,000DWT Bulk Carrier Dual Fuel Use 2021 299.95m China
26mtr Tug (Zero hours) 2017 26m $675,000Viet Nam
Scrubber Manufacture and Installation 2020 1' China
6800hp AHTS 2019 60.5m China
39mtr, 72pax, 28 knot Crew / Supply vessel (2019) 2017 39m Singapore
2018 build 59mtr PSV DPS1 2018 59.25m China
47mtr LCT 2013 47m Oman
66mtr LCT 2016 66m Oman
78mtr Support / Maintenance Vessel (2019) 2019 78m China
60mtr 270p LCT RORO 2011 59.81m South Korea
54mtr LCT 2010 54.46m Australia
45mtr LCT 2010 45.5m Australia
48mtr, 209pax RORO LCT 1999 48.65m South Korea
63,200DWT Bulk Carriers 2020 199.9m China
180p JU Accom / Work Barge 2019 68m China
Self Elevating/ Propelled Offshore Wind Turbine Service Unit / Work/ A 2019 85.5m China
25 mtr Aluminium Cat 1988 25.2m $500,000Australia
35mtr 52 knot Stealth Offshore Patrol Vessel   34.8m China
Various New Build Barges Available 2014 180' China
Ulstein Design Diesel/ Electric PSV's (4 available) 2019 83.4m China
124mtr Dive Support Vesel (Diesel Electric) 2019 124m China
115mtr Diesel /Electric Construction Support Vessel 2019 115m China
59mtr AHTS 2009 59.25m Indonesia
17.7mtr Crew Boat 2019 17.7m Singapore
56mtr 600DWT Cargo Vessel 1996 56.58m Japan
78mtr Diesel/ Electric Platform Supply Vessel 2019 78.78m China
500man Accom Barge 2019 123m China
38mtr Crew/ Utility Vessel 1990 38m Indonesia
300ft Deck Cargo Barges 2015 300' China
230ft Deck Cargo Ballast Tank Barge 2013 70.1m Australia
78mtr Platform Supply Vessels 10 vessels available 2018 78m China
53mtr PSV's for sale 2006 53.5m China
32mtr Rastar Escort Tugs 2016 32m China
75mtr LCT 2018 75.25m China
32mtr Cutter Suction Dredge 1998 32m France
Jack Up Rig, Cantilever, Independent Legs 1980 203' Egypt
23mtr Pass/ Cargo Vessel 2004 23.49m Japan
11000hp AHT 150tBP 2007 60m Indonesia
39mtr AHT/ Utility Vessel 2019 36m China
460man Accommodation Work Barge 2013 115.9m China
Self Propelled JU Well Test/ Work-over Rig 2019 64.5m China
39mtr AHT/ Utility Vessel 2019 39m China
12.6mtr Pilot / Crew Boat New Build 2016 12.6m SGD 450,000Singapore
45mtr AHT as new 2010 45m Indonesia
25mtr Survey / Mulitpurpose Cat DP1 2013 25.28m Australia
100pax 40mtr Crew / Utility Vessel 2019 40m China
70mtr MPV/ Emergency Response Vessel Diesel Electric 2019 69.9m China
59mtr PSV / OIl Recovery Vessels 2019 59.25m China
75mtr 2018 build Platform Support Vessels (2 available) 2018 75m China
13,000DWT Chemical/ Oil Tanker 2016 134.8m China
14,000 DWT Heavy Lift Vessel 2020 153.48m China
400man Accomodation Barge 2017 NB 2017 113.83m China
5400HP AHT 2006 40m UAE
499GT Chemical Tanker 1991 64.81m Japan
20mtr Crew / Work catamaran 2007 19.97m $1,750,000Australia
56mtr Longliner 1990 56.49m Japan
48mtr Superyacht (incomplete) 2011 48m Australia
8000DWT Barge 2018 2018 91.5m $1,900,000China
65mtr ROPAX Ferry 2002 65m Japan
5670DWT Mult-purpose Vessels 2014 108.2m China
Self Elevating Platform 2010 50m South Korea
23.5mtr Crew/ Supply Boat (2108) 2018 23.5m Australia
19mtr, 65pax Ferry 2008 18.99m Japan
300pax 35mtr Ferry 1994 34.78m Japan
67mtr 458pax RORO Ferry 1994 76m China
337 pax RORO Ferry 1988 73.12m Japan
4500DWT Casson Dock 1981 34m ¥62,000,000Japan
36mtr Crewboat / Utility Vessel 2008 36m Thailand
38mtr Crew / Utility Vessel 1993 37.98m Saudi Arabia
30mtr Multi Purpose Cat 2008 30m $3,500,000Australia
35t Floating Crane 1992 32m $310,000Japan
36mtr Crew / Utility Vessel 1998 36.6m Indonesia
54mtr Stern Trawler 1990 53.74m South Korea
4000hp Multi -Purpose Tug / Utility Vessel 1999 45.5m UAE
Container Barge / Pusher Tug Combo 1998 94m Japan
33mtr 80 pax Passenger vessel 1998 32.6m $150,000Japan
43mtr Sand Carrier with Grab Bucket Crane 1991 43m ¥45,000,000Japan
300pax Accommodation Barge 2018 100m China
47mtr Fisheries Training Vessel 1995 47.71m Japan
33mtr 160pax RORO Ferry 1994 33.5m $190,000Japan
5630DWT Split Hopper Barge   86.21m $1,900,000South Korea
36mtr Fisheries / Research Vessel 1998 36.6m $300,000Japan
300pax Resaurant Cruise Vessel 1999 56.52m Japan
999 DWT Chemical Tanker 1992 59.22m Japan
24mtr Workboat 1972 24.08m €195,000UK
92mtr Geared Cargo Vessel 1998 91.68m Japan
37mtr 30 knot Patrol Boat 1998 37.4m Japan
39 knot Patrol Boat 1996 23.68m Japan
28mtr Patrol Boat 1991 28.4m Japan
32.3mtr 3600hp Harbour Tug 2009 32.3m Japan
57mtr Patrol Vessel 1996 57.73m $1,700,000Japan
23.6mtr 39 knot Patrol Boat 1996 23.68m Japan
57mtr General Cargo Vessel 1996 57.2m Japan
28mtr 165pax Ferry 1992 27.8m Japan
6698DWT Cement Carrier 1984 113m Japan
Oil Spill / Collection Fleet 1988 36m Japan
1000DWT Tanker 2017 53.1m China
6500DWT Cassion Dock   52.5m Japan
58mtr General Cargo Vessel 1995 57.72m ¥35,000,000Japan
3000 DWT Deck Cargo Carrier 2014 87.84m $1,700,000China
5164DWT RORO Cargo Vessel 2000 149.57m Japan
2800DWT LCT Self Propelled Barge 2013 71.4m $990,000China
52mtr 600DWT Cargo Vessel 1995 52m $350,000Japan
35mtr Longliner 1992 35.5m $300,000Japan
25.5mtr 32 knot patrol Boat 1993 25.5m Japan
19mtr 80pax Ferry 1992 19.31m Japan
3750DWT Oil Tanker 2014 83.34m $8,000,000China
200pax LCT RORO 1998 68.89m South Korea
29.5mtr Pass/ Cargo vessel 1979 29.5m $375,000Vanuatu
3200hp Zpell Harbour Tug   33.62m Japan
202 pax Accommodation Barge   107' Australia
46mtr Supply / Support Vessel 2010 46m $1,600,000Malaysia
21.5mtr Patrol Boat 1995 21.5m Japan
80mtr 3342DWT Cargo Vessel 1990 80.77m $900,000Japan
34mtr Harbour Tug   33.8m ¥300,000,000Japan
1200t Sheerleg Floating Crane Barge   78m South Korea
1000t Sheeleg Floating Crane Barge   78m South Korea
4500t Floating Dock   102.8m South Korea
291pax LCT Pass/ RORO Ferry 1994 55.2m $750,000South Korea
161pax Passenger / Cargo Vessel 1991 56.6m Japan
3000DWT 2007built Geared Cargo Vessel 2007 74.8m $850,000Viet Nam
45mtr Fisheries Research Vessel 1994 45.5m Japan
450 DWT Chemical Tanker   45.25m $150,000Japan
1230 DWT Cargo Vessel 1993 73.34m $800,000Japan
19.5mtr Pilot Boat 1996 19.5m Japan
15.5mtr Pilot Boat 1996 15.5m $160,000Japan
46mtr Cargo Vessel 1986 46.7m Japan
35mtr Patrol Boat 1992 35.08m Japan
78mtr 350pax RORO   77.8m Japan
78mtr Passenger RORO Ferry 1998 77.8m Japan
73mtr 1632DWT Cargo Vessel 1985 73.44m Japan
26mtr Patrol Vessel   26m Japan
57mtr 700DWT Cargo Vessel 1995 57.5m $650,000Japan
5500t Caisson Dock 1979 54m Japan
42mtr 211 pax RORO 1992 42.35m Japan
16mtr, 53pax Passenger Vessel 1989 16m $160,000Japan
28mtr 162pax Ferry 1996 27.6m Japan
78mtr Patrol/ Research Vessel 1988 78.1m Japan
180ft Ballastable Deck Cargo Barge High Spec     Australia
Self Propelled AWB 195pax 1998 90.6m Singapore
34mtr Twin Screw Research/ Patrol Vessel 1983 34.6m $350,000South Korea
8mtr Work boat   7.94m Australia
1600hp Twin Screw Tug 2003 23.5m Australia
14mtr Pilot Vessel 2008 14.29m Australia
57mtr Fisheries Patrol Vessel 1991 56m Japan
29mtr Fisheries Research/ Patrol 1995 28.9m Japan
Westcoaster 50 Twin Screw   16.15m $82,000Australia
23mtr 37 knot Patrol 1990 23m Japan

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