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MAHE 36 Evolution

MAHE 36 Evolution, a very affordable catamaran

11 metres long and incorporating all of the technological advances made over recent years, the Mahé 36 is a reasonably priced offshore catamaran.

She benefits of the highest level of innovation of our range and of new improvments including :
- A totally rigid bimini wich integrates a dual helm seat
- the main sail track is mounted on the bimini.
She Joins the new look of the Fountaine Pajot range.

Based on an Olivier Flahault design and with a Joubert/Nivelt hull, she is built for safe navigation with comfortable, bright living areas and a fully protected cockpit alongside the saloon.

The Mahé 36 allows you to move around freely onboard, enjoying comfort when navigating (at the helm, in the cockpit or down below) or while moored. She also presents excellent sailing performance.

There are two versions for different navigation requirements:

3-cabin: one hull is reserved for the master stateroom with attached lavatory. The other accommodates two double cabins, each with all the comforts needed for a relaxing cruise.

2-cabin: down the steps are two private cabins with doors and two toilet and shower rooms.

The Wind, the finest energy


Length:36.19 ft
Beam:19.41 ft
Draft:3.62 ft
Light Displacement:5 T
Main sail area:505.92 sq ft
Genoa area:279.87 sq ft
Standard engine:2 x 14.914 KW
Fuel tank capacity:55 us gallons
Water tank capacity:1 X 70 us gallons
Maestro version:1 owners suite + 1 bathroom / 2 double cabins
Standard version:2 private suites / 2 bathrooms
Architect:O. Flahault /Joubert - Nivelt
ECOCRUISING is a design option:Incorporating renewable energy sources into all Fountaine Pajot catamarans for greater efficiency and a reduced ecological footprint.
Fountaine Pajot:beautifully managed evolution!Aesthetically pleasing, reliable, high performance, economical and comfortable models are offered, with minimal depreciation, retaining a high resale value. These advantages ensure that Fountaine Pajot catamarans remain

Balanced Sails:

Fountaine-Pajot catamarans are well canvassed, with high surface/movement ratios.

To keep a low centre of gravity, the genoas cover a large area and the mainsail has a good roach, thanks to large, rigid battens.

Winding the jib and battened mainsails on ball-bearing travellers, you can easily adapt the sails to weather conditions in order to tap the boat’s full potential.

Fountaine-Pajot has chosen an exceptional sail loft – INCIDENCES – the leader for all major crossings in multi-hulled boats.

Fountaine Pajot delivers top-of-the-range sails on its series of catamarans.

Technical areas away from cocpit:

The engine rooms are independent, separate from the cockpit. This helps with maintenance and obviously reduces noise.


The dual engines and the position of the steering station mean that manoeuvring is easier than with a single-hull boat.



The unsinkable nature and interior partitioning of our boats are key factors in their safety. Pockets of air or foam in the ends of the boat make it unsinkable. The watertight partitioning of each hull mean they can be sealed off in the event of accident or leak.


As a safety measure, the wings are completely separate parts of the hulls, keeping the boat saloon in the event of a serious accident.
This also means they are easier to repair or replace.


The Fountaine-Pajot boatyard was a pioneer in the manufacture of composite cruising catamarans. After developing and perfecting sandwich construction technology, the company implemented two new technological procedures: RTM eco and Infusion.

A new hi-tech process, RTM ECO:

MAHE 36 Evolution Plans:

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